The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award helps young people be ready for their world. Whatever that may be.

Beyond the classroom walls

Not all learning happens in the classroom; in fact, we believe some of life’s biggest lessons happen in the least likely locations. Quality non-formal education and learning plays a key role in the development of young people, helping them to become #WORLDREADY.

These statistics are taken from three global surveys undertaken in 2018, which from part of our ‘Ready for the World: A discussion paper’.

The Award and the Foundation

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a non-formal education and learning framework operating in more than 130 countries and territories around the world, through which young people’s achievements outside of academia are recognised and celebrated.

We at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation are the engine that drives and supports the Award’s growth, access and impact across the globe.

We are committed to making the Award available to 1% of the youth population by 2023, which is 7.9m young people. This represents a 600% growth on current participation numbers.

It is our long term ambition that every eligible young person aged 14 – 24 will have the opportunity to participate in the Award. Our vision is that 20% of them are from at risk and marginalised communities for whom the Award can be truly life-changing.

Ready for the world

Our research at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award shows that through engaging in voluntary service, taking part in physical recreation, discovering personal interests and talents, and learning about leadership through adventurous activity, young people become confident, reflective, and engaged learners – in short, they become ready for the world.