The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award has partnered with Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) to update and improve our brand guidelines and website

As an international organisation operating in more than 130 countries and supporting millions of young people, it is critical that we continue to work towards growing awareness of the Award’s visual identity around the world.

By working closely together over the last 12 months, the Award and GSD have been able to create updated brand guidelines and a new website that has more succinct messaging, brighter images and easier navigation, both projects that reflect the Award’s visual identity.

The Award is extremely grateful to GSD who were able to offer their wealth of expertise in visual communications on a pro-bono basis. This partnership is incredibly valuable as we work to provide non-formal education opportunities to all young people. We look forward to the exciting collaboration opportunities that lie ahead.

Graham Shapiro, CEO and Founder of GSD® said:

“I am very proud and honoured to support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The ethics of this wonderful charity are close to my heart and I look forward to the long-term working relationship that we have agreed. It has been a pleasure to work alongside the Communications Team and deliver new brand guidelines and website for the organisation. Our aim was to design clear and current brand guidelines and brand resources which are easy to use effectively and accurately worldwide, to National Award Operators, partners and staff, educating them to understand how to use the brand identity, brand positioning and communications style.

He added:

“I thank my whole design team for your support on these projects. I also want to give a special mention to Alexander Casey, Peter Wilson, David Goadby, Allan Carruthers, Nicola Hough and my Chairman John Mohin OBE. Without you, none of this would have been possible.”

Marianna Davis, Acting Head of Brand and Communications of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award said:

“We value the work that Graham and his team undertake because above all, they go to the trouble to understand the values and ethic that drive our work. They understand our vision and know that our objective is simple: to provide quality non-formal education and learning to all the young people who take up The Duke of Edinburgh International Award so that they gain the necessary skills needed for the world of today. With the help of GSD, we have been able to strengthen our brand identity so that we can reach even more young people across the world.

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