Training for Adults in the Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation provides a comprehensive training programme for adults in the Award from licensed Independent Award Centres (IACs), Operating Partners (OPs), and for external activity providers who work with IACs. The training is a blended learning programme with online and virtual-instructor-led components. For training under National Award Operators (NAOs), please speak to the NAO in your country.  

We utilize the Award Community learning platform for our online training courses. Using this platform, adults in the Award can access the learning they need at a time that works for them. All courses on the Award Community are regularly updated to include the most current information about the Award. 

Delivering the Award Training 

Delivering the Award training is the basic requirement for all adults in the Award. This training equips successful delegates with the knowledge and skills to act as an Award Leader, Adventurous Journey Supervisor or Adventurous Journey Assessor. It is delivered in two phases: 

Level One – Delivering the Award 

Level One – Delivering the Award introduces delegates to the components of the Award, and gives information about the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and tools which are useful for delivering the Award. The course is available FREE on the Award Community and is a fully online course. Successful delegates will receive a certificate of completion on the Award Community when you finish the course. This course is a required pre-requisite for Level Two – Delivering the Award. 

Pre-Requisite – Enrollment on the Award Community 

Level Two – Delivering the Award 

Level Two – Delivering the Award delivers more advanced learning to build on the knowledge gained during Level One. This course covers Award delivery basics, the lifecycle of the Award (including the use of the ORB), and Adventurous Journey and Award Management. This course is a virtual-instructor-led workshop, delivered on an online meeting platform. Fee and booking details can be found below. Delegates receive a certificate of completion on the Award Community following completion of and payment for the Level Two: Delivering the Award workshop. 

Pre-Requisite – Level One – Delivering the Award (Note: This course was updated in August 2023. All delegates must have completed the NEW version of the course before registering for Level Two – Delivering the Award.) 

Level Two – Delivering the Award Workshop Information for 2023-2024 

The fee for Level Two – Delivering the Award workshops is 200 GBP / 260 USD / 235 EUR, in accordance with the 2023-2024 fee schedule. 

Current workshop offerings 2023 (all times are UTC) 

V069 – Tuesdays January 16, 23, 30 2024 – 18:00-21:00 (UTC)
V070 – Thursdays February 1, 8, 15 2024 – 08:00-11:00 (UTC)
V071 – Wednesdays March 13, 20, 27 2024 – 12:00-15:00 (UTC) 

Registration for Level Two – Delivering the Award Workshops 

For full details about booking and attending a virtual workshop, please see the Booking and Attendance Guide.

Please contact us via [email protected] if you have any queries.