Halcyon Gallery’s Empowerment Sculpture, by Lorenzo Quinn

The sculpture Empowerment by artist Lorenzo Quinn recognises and celebrates the work of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Since its inception over six decades ago, the Award has helped to improve the lives of millions of young people worldwide, empowering them with opportunities for self-development. The touchingly simple image of two young people, working together to support the world, is a fitting tribute to the values at the heart of the Award. Empowerment celebrates the work of its founder HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, all those who work and volunteer for the Award, the alumni and the current participants.

For the past 10 years, Halcyon Gallery has been a passionate supporter of the work of the Award which believes that part of their commitment to society is to help change the lives of young people all over the globe. Halcyon Gallery has had the privilege to see the incredible power of placing art in the public realm and the emotional response it can have on people and its positive impact on the environment.

In 2019, Halcyon Gallery and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation launched the largest art fundraising programme ever undertaken by the Award, through a ground-breaking artistic initiative: the Empowerment sculpture programme.

All profits from the sale of the sculptures go towards The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, which has benefitted millions of young people to date.

Halcyon Gallery and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation are working on a major public placement of a 3-metre edition of Empowerment in the heart of London that will become a landmark destination for Award alumni, participants and volunteers. To launch the Empowerment fundraising programme internationally, further sculptures will be placed in major cities around the world, with the first of these installed in Hong Kong in 2019.

empowerment sculpture

Why Empowerment

Empowerment epitomises everything The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award believes in and stands for, what the young people who participate in the Award strive for, and why the project means so much to all those involved.

Empowerment relates closely to the Award’s drive to promote the importance of non-formal education, which challenges young people to dream big, celebrate their achievements and make a difference in their world. By developing transferable skills, increasing fitness levels, cultivating a sense of adventure and volunteering in the community, the Award helps young people to thrive. Perhaps most importantly, the Award is a personal challenge and not a competition against others. Thus, the universal message of Empowerment speaks to each individual on a personal level, as well as representing the extraordinary achievements of us all as a worldwide community.

Empowerment is a limited-edition sculpture in four sizes – 35 cm, 60 cm, 1.5 metres and 3 metres – in polished bronze and aluminium. Each sculpture will feature a stamp of the Artist’s signature and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award insignia. A specially commissioned book and short film accompany the piece which capture and bring to life the unique story behind the sculpture.

Every edition of Empowerment will be made at Lorenzo Quinn’s sculpture foundry in Spain, where he works with the millennia-old ‘lost-wax’ casting process to create his works of art in bronze and aluminium. An individual work can take months to complete; each artwork is the result of intense dedication and the highest level of technical expertise.

“I have long been a supporter of causes that inspire young people to actively take control of their lives, and in doing so, develop their own self-confidence. Believing in yourself gives you the power to accomplish anything. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award represents exactly this concept – offering young people new opportunities, and thus empowering them to grow and feel their worth.”
Lorenzo Quinn