Ways of partnering with us

Open to all young people aged 14-24, regardless of background, the Award is genuinely inclusive engaging young people leading particularly challenging lives – such as those with a disability, living in poverty, young parents, refugees, young offenders, those who are at risk or marginalised and particularly girls and young women, who need the opportunity to step forward, develop the skills they need to succeed, be a force for good in their communities and active economic participants.

Our corporate partnerships are designed to make a positive difference by building new projects and programs using the Award model as a vehicle for change or by integrating the Award into your existing activity to strengthen expected impact and outcomes. From a global perspective, the Award is very well positioned to partner with well-established and recognised brands, given the strength of our brand and unparalleled experience of our National Award Operators in more than 60 countries around the world.

We know our work makes a difference for young people. We have developed cutting edge impact measurement initiatives with academic partners and sustainability consultants to understand the changes that the Award creates for people and develop an evidence base for the impact of the Award. We consider ourselves ground breakers in measuring impact and possibly one of the only education charities worldwide to employ a new valuation model that measures our Social Return. We recently announced the results of Award’s first global social impact report: Building The Future: The impact of non-formal education and learning in times of disruption. The model and report was created in collaboration with PwC UK and can be accessed here.

To discuss how your company can make a positive impact on the challenges young people face around the world, please contact Rider Dyce, Head of Partnerships at [email protected]

Some examples of our partnerships:

Stonehage Fleming

The Award will be delivered by Afrika Tikkun in partnership with the President’s Award in South Africa reaching 685 disadvantaged young people over three years.

Stonehage Fleming

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