100 Women in Finance team up with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bermuda

100 Women in Finance are a global network of professionals in the finance and investment industries established to help women further their careers. They work through a structure of peer engagement, philanthropy and education.

This year, their global philanthropic theme is Education – “Investing in the Next Generation.” The Award in Bermuda saw a great opportunity to show that not all learning happens in the classroom and the Award could align to this theme as well. The Award team submitted a grant proposal, which focused on developing general character and skills, as well as targeting one of the four Award sections – Skills – at Experiential Learning and Computers – Robotics/Coding.

The network of professional women in the finance industry selected The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bermuda to be the beneficiary for its 2019 fundraising gala event that was held on June 22nd. The event was attended by approximately 150 guests and raised over $27,000.

Reflecting on the event, the Chair of the 100WF Committee in Bermuda, Alison Morrison said: “In accordance with this theme, this year’s gala dinner beneficiary is a perfect match and we are so thrilled to be able to interact directly and support Bermuda’s aspiring young women”.

Amanda Pullinger 100WF CEO who also attended the event said “Funds raised at the Bermuda Gala help to address a persistent challenge — the underrepresentation of women in investment and executive leadership roles in the finance industry. If we wish for teenage girls and early career women to have interest in a career path toward our industry’s high growth areas – such as FinTech – we need help show them the way and demonstrate what’s possible.”

The proceeds from the event will enable 18 female Silver Award participants from each Award Centre to engage in a five-day Adventurous Journey. The proceeds will also enable 30 male and female Award participants from schools across Bermuda to enroll in after-school computer coding classes and robotics classes as part of their Skills development section to achieve their Award.

Seven Gold Award participants attended the event, selling raffle tickets, sharing their experiences and gaining a unique opportunity to meet and connect with women from the finance industry. Through these discussions, it could spark interest and a pathway for themselves and other young women toward careers in the finance industry.

The 100WF support will foster other such partnerships within schools in Bermuda, recognising young women who are interested at an early stage and offering them a viable pathway for careers, networking opportunities and relevant mentoring for suitable programming while in college and university.

Special thanks to Karen Simmons, the National Director of the Award in Bermuda, for this contribution.