At the Award we believe in the power of partnership.

The Award equips young people with the skills they need for life regardless of their background, culture, physical ability or interests. On an individual level this can make a transformational difference to a young person’s life; on a collective basis, it has the power to bring significant change to wider society.

There are several different type of partnership, both operational and organisational, that The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award works with. We strive to create bespoke mutually-beneficial and value-driven partnerships, to increase the access, reach and impact of the Award globally.

In order to help achieve this, we work with hundreds of thousands of youth-focused partners and operators around the world, including schools, youth organisations, examination boards and businesses: To find out more about our corporate and advocacy partners, please click here.



In the meantime, why not discover more about the operational and strategic delivery organisations we work alongside?


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (the Award) and The World Organisation of the Scouts Movement (WOSM) have worked together for many years. The Award is the largest global framework for recognising young people’s achievements in non-formal education and adds another form of global recognition for young people undertaking Scout Awards.

The Award is not a separate youth movement, rather many National Scout Organisations (NSOs) consider it a perfect fit for their adolescent and young-adult youth programme and have integrated it into their recognition frameworks for young people and young leaders.

A lot of work has been done to map NSO youth programmes with the Award framework to show how Scouts can achieve additional recognition just by undertaking Scouting programmes such as the Eagle Scout Award, Queen’s Scout Award, Venturers programme or its equivalent in different NSOs.

With a framework that emphasises learning by doing, personal progression, working in teams, adult support, interactions with nature and community involvement, the Award can support the implementation of the World Scout Youth Programme Policy in your NSO. The Award also  provides a clear structure for those wishing to develop or update their youth programme and integration can save valuable resources and time when modernising the youth programme in your NSO.

Girl Guides philippines.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Around the world, The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (the Award) have a rich history of working together. Every year, thousands of Guides earn international recognition for their achievements through their local Guide Units.

The International Award is a globally recognised framework, available in over 130 countries, for non-formal education and learning available to young people ages 14 to 24 and offered at progressively challenging levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold Award).

The Award is not a separate youth movement but rather a framework that can be aligned to many existing youth activities and awards such as the ones offered by Guides. The principles and activities of both organisations compliment each other well, and participants can essentially receive double recognition with the same amount of effort. The Queen’s Guide Award particularly aligns closely with the Award at any level.

Both organisations also value the role volunteers play in helping young people succeed, and The  Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides Guide Leaders a tried and tested framework for holistically transforming the lives of young people through developing and improving new skills, increasing physical activity and building healthy habits, working as a team and learning about the natural environment through an extended outdoor activity known as an Adventurous Journey, and providing voluntary service in their community.

Aside from developing well-rounded young people, it is a way to impress potential employers and universities. National Girl Guide Associations around the world are using the Award framework to add value to their existing programmes and enhance membership growth.

Girl Guide Award Leaders in the Philippines

Strategic delivery partners

We work with a host of organisations in areas of education and youth development to bring the Award to more young people in more locations, from more diverse backgrounds than ever before. These partnerships include curriculum providers; professional bodies; uniformed organisations, and youth membership bodies.

Promoting Holistic Learning with Cambridge International

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award partnered with Cambridge International to offer schools the opportunity to combine the world-class Cambridge Pathway, with the Award’s global non-formal education framework.

Cambridge International is committed to connecting their Learners with opportunities to learn, grow and apply their knowledge through academic lessons inside the classroom and experiential opportunities outside the classroom. By offering The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award as a framework for non-formal education and learning alongside the academic Cambridge programmes, educators around the world are able to provide students with a holistic education through development of invaluable soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, confidence, and resilience.

The Award has mane shared values with Cambridge International. By promoting the Award and its world-renowned framework for non-formal education and learning, Cambridge can offer its schools new ways to broaden their curriculum and provide avenues for students to contribute to their communities and the wider world.