Why partner with us?

Young people across the world are facing unprecedented challenges; their mental health and wellbeing is at an all time low. Access to education is limited and fewer decent work opportunities are available. The global pandemic dramatically worsened the situation and its impact will be felt by young people for years to come. 

More than ever, local communities, global economies and the planet as  a whole needs innovators and changemakers who are truly #WorldReady. 

To be truly #WorldReady, young people need to know that many of life’s greatest lessons can happen outside the classroom. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation gives as many young people as possible around the world the chance to discover exactly that. 



Of participants, now see challenges as opportunities to develop


Of participants are more likely to participate in future physical activities


Of participants improved their team work skills


Of participants see the importance of contributing to their community

We know our work makes a difference to young people. On an individual level the Award can make a transformational difference to a young person’s life; on a collective basis, it has the power to bring significant change to wider society.  

We have developed ground-breaking impact research that estimates the Award created an astonishing $970 (£762) million in social value in 2022, leading to greater support and recognition from potential funders, policy makers and governments across the world. 

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Partnering with us means:

  • You will be working with a well-established and recognised brand, with a global presence in over 120+ countries.  
  • You will be giving young people access to the world’s leading youth achievement Award. Wherever that person goes, the Award accreditation they hold is recognised, understood and respected globally. 
  • Opportunities to co-design programmes to tackle some of the biggest issues facing young people today. 
  • Opportunities to support stand-out advocacy campaigns. 

Together, we can create entire generations of empowered young citizens who have found their purpose, passion and place in the world.  

What makes a successful Partnership?

The most important factor that makes our partnerships so successful is a shared passion for wanting to change the future for young people, to help them discover their potential and thrive.  

In 2022, Stonehage Fleming announced their 3-year charitable commitment to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation to deliver the Award through Afrika Tikkun, reaching over 600 disadvantaged young people in South Africa to develop essential skills and lasting positive outcomes. 

And after two years, the partnership is thriving, delivering on shared objectives to enhance education outside of academia for young people, giving equal opportunity to develop the essential skills they need to succeed and be a force for good in their communities. 

Chris Merry, Group CEO of Stonehage Fleming: “Through our support, the Award will reach further into the most disadvantaged communities in South Africa, filling a gap and giving equal opportunities to develop essential skills and experience.

We are delighted to support such a worthy cause and proud to be part of the Award’s global ambition to reach an additional two million young people. We look forward to seeing the young people who take part grow and learn from their experience.”

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As a Foundation, we believe that young people are the key to driving inclusive and equitable socio-economic change in Africa. Our Scholars Program is anchored in this vision, and we firmly believe that this partnership will have a formidable impact on Scholars’ transformative leadership skills and mindsets.”

Duaa Mohamed, Transformative Leadership Lead at the MasterCard Foundation

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