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Since the inception of the Award almost 70 years ago, thousands of Volunteers worldwide have dedicated their time and effort to supporting young people on their Award journeys. From coordinating Adventurous journeys, to signing-up new Award participants and mentoring them throughout the process, we simply couldn’t do what we do without them. Their role in the success of the Award’s impact and reach cannot be understated.  

The majority of the Award volunteers are made up of adult leaders – those who mentor young people as they take part in the Award. Many of them are teachers and youth workers running the Award in addition to their job.  

Award Leaders

“Whatever you’re giving, you’re getting a hundred times back” 

Meet Award Coordinator, Precious. She works as a Programme Manager for a youth organisation in South Africa and became involved when the Award was introduced into her youth centre in 2022.  And it wasn’t long before the participants inspired her to get involved and learn more about herself while supporting the participants.

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How to get involved? 

 The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation provides a comprehensive training programme for a variety of roles for Adults in the Award from Operators around the world. 

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Award. Whether you’re working as an Award Coordinator or assessing young people on their Award journeys, there are multiple ways to volunteer with the Award, with different levels of commitment. In return, you not only get the opportunity to support and mentor young people in the community but also refine your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills, enabling personal and professional growth. 

Want to get involved in the Award? Get in touch with your local Operator here or email [email protected] to join over 150,000 adults who are currently supporting Award participants around the world.