What is the Global Award Alumni Network digital platform?

The GAAN digital platform is a place where alumni from around the world can connect with others, have access to special events and opportunities, and give back to the Award.

What does the GAAN offer?

Intaward Careers

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This is our exclusive job board for Award alumni only. Job vacancies, contract/freelance work and internship and volunteering opportunities can be found here. Find your next opportunity because of your Alumni status. 

World of Work 

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We partner with Alumni from all over the world to bring to you The World of Work. Human Resource professionals share their top tips for how to capitalize on your Award experience when applying for jobs and advancing your career. 

Alumni Connect

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Alumni Connect is an interactive Alumni-led event series that spotlights one amazing Award Holder in each session and reveals their expertise and achievements on topics of common interest. These virtual events bring together Alumni from across the globe and provide a platform for engagement and learning.   

Intaward Pals

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Being an Award alumnus connects your experience to thousands of others around the world. Intaward Pals is an online international exchange programme for Award alumni. Participants are paired with an award holder from another country and given opportunities to connect with that person and share stories and experiences.

 Who is eligible to join the Global Award Alumni Network?

All Award alumni, regardless of level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or any combination!) are already a part of our Global Award Alumni Network already. To register for the digital platform, Award holders must be at least 18 years of age.

If you are an alumni and not yet 18, you may register and your application will be approved as soon as you are 18. Until then, please follow us on social media to stay up to date on all of the latest news and opportunities.

Our Global Award Alumni Network (GAAN) provides alumni with the opportunity to connect, share and capitalise on the benefits of their involvement with the Award, both locally and internationally. You can also give back, by helping to support the development of other young people worldwide.

No matter where you earned your Award or what it was called, you are part of an enormous family of Award holders across the globe.

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