Great things can happen when people connect

All Award alumni, regardless of level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or any combination!) are already a part of our Global Award Alumni Network.  Join to the Global Award Alumni Network now to connect with other Award holders locally and globally if you haven’t joined yet!  No matter when or where you earned your Award or what it was called, you are part of the enormous family of Award holders across the globe.  

“The Global Award Alumni Network (GAAN) digital platform provides alumni with the opportunity to connect and to discover networking opportunities with other Award holders, stay informed about employment, internship, and volunteering opportunities locally and globally. You can also give back, by helping to support the development of other young people worldwide. 

Click below to find out more about the network and digital platform for Award Holders or Award Operators. If you are already a member of the digital platform, click Alumni Login to access the network platform.”