The power of the Award is its uniqueness and adaptability – just as no two participants are the same, no two Award programmes are the same, which is the way we approach our partnerships with organisations. Whether it be addressing access to education and learning, youth unemployment, mental health or the skills gap and future workforce, we can tailor our partnership to leverage and maximise our respective strengths, ensuring both parties benefit from a collaboration. Some ways, you could partner with us, but not exclusive to are: 

Shared value partnerships

Are you looking to upskill your workforce? Running our world’s leading development Award in your organisation or as part of your existing initiatives for staff or beneficiaries, is a great way to support them, identify future leaders and demonstrate you believe in what young people can offer. If you implement initiatives that support young people to learn new skills or give back to their communities, we could work together to open the door to new learning opportunities for them to take up as part of their Award programme.  

Inspire employees

Companies are full of people whose time, expertise and specialist skills can help us have a real and lasting impact on the lives of young people across the globe. Your employees can help us with our mission through one off volunteering opportunities to longer secondments, such as mentorship to a young person taking part in the Award programme or to our Award Alumni. 

Advocating with and on behalf of young people

Supporting our campaigns can help us achieve significant breakthroughs in the way the world views young people and what they need to thrive. The voices of your employees, and the voice of your organisation as an entity, will help us speak louder when calling on local, national, and international leaders to make decisions that will better equip young people for the unprecedented challenges they face.  
Read more about our advocacy work and Award winning initiative in collaboration with the Big 6 Youth Organisations, the World Health Organisation and UN Foundation. 

Become a brand partner

Brand collaboration is key to maximising impact, boosting consumer trust, and reaching new audiences – we can unite to raise our profile and the issues that matter. Gain visibility and show your corporate support of our work through sponsorship of our campaigns and events. 

Make a donation

A corporate donation can be a powerful social investment tool. It will help ensure the projects and work we do to continue year on year. We’ll work with you to maximise the benefits it brings your company as well as the young people it supports. 

Get in touch!

Learn more about our partnerships, and how they are transforming the lives of young people they support, by contacting our Partnerships team at [email protected]