Youth organisations join forces to keep mentoring alive in a virtual world

In recent months, millions of young people all over the world have been coming to terms with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives, work and study. Self-isolation, quarantine and social distancing measures mean, for many, that the support they receive from their adult mentors in the usual way has become difficult or impossible.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation is proud to have teamed up with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (‘the DofE’, the Award in the UK) and The Diana Award who all believe in supporting the individual health and wellbeing of young people, and a vital sense of community connection for all involved, now more than ever.

To support the remarkable adults who mentor young people worldwide, especially those who are adapting to working in a virtual environment, the three organisations have collaborated to create and publish this e-mentoring guide specifically intended to support adult mentors as they adapt and adjust their mentoring role from a focused (face – to – face) relationship with mentees, to a remote online relationship. The e-mentoring guide will help them to continue safely engaging, interacting with and inspiring the young people they support.

Combining their shared knowledge and expertise, the guide will address the common skills used in mentoring and how to adapt those skills for remote use including themes such as preparing young people for virtual meetings and creating a safe space for the online mentoring relationship.


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At The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation, we believe in the synergy of partnerships. Working together with The Diana Award and our colleagues from the DofE has enabled us to truly learn from each other while creating this innovative guide. We're now excited to share it with our Award volunteers around the world, and we're looking forward to more collaborations like this, bringing groups of experts together for a shared benefit and to support young people around the world."
Claire Lynch,
Senior Partnerships Manager at the Foundation
Like the rest of society, young people across the world are facing monumental changes in their lives. Supporting them through a range of services like this e-mentoring guide will be critical. We’re delighted to be working collaboratively with other experts on how we can support them now and in the future."
Claire Lynch,
Senior Partnerships Manager at the Foundation
During these challenging times, young people need a continuation of support and structure. The schools, colleges, youth groups and other organisations we work with are key to making this possible, dedicating their time to championing young people and encouraging their development.

Lockdown in the UK has meant DofE centres and young people have had to transition to remote delivery and #DofEWithADifference activities, and the e-mentoring guide will help DofE Leaders and volunteers continue their vital roles in this ‘new normal’."
Ian Newbery,
Volunteers and Training Manager at The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award