Kingsley, an Award participant from China, has always held a deep passion for both writing and performing music. During the pandemic, he worked hard to provide stress relief for Covid-19 patients, through playing music for them in hospital.

With the outbreak of coronavirus, various Award activities that I had planned to do can no longer be done, however, alternatives can be carried out instead. For example, I can physically exercise and compose musical pieces at home, satisfying the Physical Recreation and Skills sections respectively. For the Voluntary Service section of my Award, I plan to continue carrying out activities for my club—Music For People. The Music For People club is a service club created and founded by me in 2016. The club is comprised of students from various classes, grades, and even schools. We are all passionate about music and service and the Music For People club provides a precious opportunity to combine elements of music with service.

Kingsley playing the piano in China

Our club aims to summon talented students to perform at local hospitals like Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and Shanghai Renji Hospital, relieving emotional stress of patients. During the pandemic, it is prohibited to enter hospitals unless absolutely necessary. However, as I am passionate about charity and helping others in need, I decided, together with core members, to utilise club fees and order 1000 protective masks from Japan.

When the masks arrived, and with fellow members of the MFP team, I visited Shanghai Children’s Medical Centre, donating 800 of those masks to SCMC. Despite not being able to carry out activities as planned, I’ve learned to search for opportunities to demonstrate my charity, servicing the community even during this challenging time.