International classmates join forces

When you have big dreams, sometimes it’s easier to try and achieve them with the help of others. That’s exactly what classmates Evžen and Robin found when they were thrown together by forces beyond their control. 

When war broke out in Ukraine in 2022, Evžen found his world was turned upside down when he had to flee his homeland in order to protect his own life. 

Less than a year later, in a new country and a new school – Zdenka Braunerová Primary School in the Czech Republic, Evžen found himself struggling again, but this time, with his education. 

Since arriving in the Czech Republic, it had always been Evžen’s dream to go to one particular High School, and he wasn’t alone in that dream. Evžen’s local classmate, Robin, was also desperate to get into his dream High School. It wasn’t long therefore before the two friends decided to join forces to help each to achieve their goals.

Both boys joined the Stand by Me project, under the mentorship of Award Leader Sandra Špannerová.

Robin used the Voluntary Service section of his Award to spend time helping Evžen improve his understanding of Czech. This support with his education and better understanding of the native language of his new country therefore also increased his chances of getting accepted into his dream school.

It brings me simply to improve my communication – Robin

With Robin I am learning a lot of vocabulary and most importantly practice! I understand better and know what is being said – Evžen 

The Stand By Me programme for displaced youth, funded by UNICEF and delivered through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. In this instance it has helped both young men improve their cultural understandings and linguistic skills.