International Gold Event

The International Gold Event (IGE) is a global leadership programme for the future generation of decision makers and influencers who will help to shape and deliver the Award worldwide.

History of the IGE

In 1967, Canada hosted what it called a Commonwealth Gold Expedition. The idea was to provide the opportunity for Gold Award holders from a variety of countries to meet each other and volunteer in leadership camps as well as complete an expedition. The success of that first event, and the enthusiasm of its alumni that others should benefit from the experience, led to additional events being organised. Over time, these have evolved from an expedition for participants to something quite different – an opportunity to bring together the immediate next generation of key decision makers and influencers within the worldwide Award family, to equip them to undertake ongoing leadership roles regionally, nationally and globally.


The purpose of IGE is:

To provide participants with the opportunity for personal development and to facilitate their contribution to the development of the Award both nationally and internationally;
To provide opportunities to meet, exchange ideas and establish sustainable networks of Emerging Leaders who will contribute to the development of the Award locally, nationally and internationally.

To elect Emerging Leader Representatives to the International Council (IC) the IGE 2020 will be hosted by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Uganda in Kampala.


IGE 2017 Czech Republic: Experience. Influence. Lead

In November 2015, as accepted by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association International Council, the Czech Republic supported by the Award in Slovakia, successfully bid to host the IGE 2017. The IGE 2017 marked the first time that two countries have worked together to stage the event.

The 15th IGE, celebrating 50 years of the IGE, took place in Czech Republic 25-30 October 2017, with the theme ‘Engaging a younger generation in our sustainable future’. Eight Emerging Leader Representatives from around the world were elected to stand on the International Council (IC) during the event.

The below film gives a wonderful snapshot into the event.

IGE 2017 film