The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation partners with World Bank's S4YE Coalition Impact Portfolio on a Joint Knowledge Brief


As part of a new partnership with the World Bank, and as incoming members of the World Bank’s S4YE Coalition Impact Portfolio, and S4YE Comms working group, our research department teamed up with S4YE on a Knowledge Brief: ‘Measuring Social Value: a new approach to measuring impact of youth employment programmes’. 

The Knowledge Brief highlights our method and shares useful insights for other youth organisations interested in measuring and enhancing their social value.

By using social value approaches, youth employment programmes can capture and quantify the full range of outcomes and impacts that they create, such as improving health, reducing poverty, enhancing social cohesion, and contributing to sustainable development. This can help to demonstrate the value for money and the positive difference that the programmes make, as well as to identify areas for improvement and innovation.

The Foundation’s Research Manager, Sigrid Grosseth said:

Social Value research has revolutionised The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation’s approach to impact measurement. Through uniting the efforts of Award staff, participants, and volunteers worldwide, we have been able to amplify stakeholder voices while quantifying the Award’s impact and have gained a deeper understanding of the Award’s global significance.


Read the full brief here.