Photo comp: Abdouradjibou YAYA, Cameroun
Abdouradjibou YAYA
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
The street guys were collaborative there was a Spirit of social cohesion the days were fantastic Some kept up with words of encouragement on the way which boasted our sensitization campaign All in all the two days activities were marvelous.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
Some people were reluctant to collect the flyers and liquid soap some were insulative as they said "it's the country's money we are eating like that" Some kept up being sceptical Lastly, the liquid soap did not satisfy all of the population as there were 150 out of thousands of people.
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
Tell us the story behind your photo:
As an award leader we are called up on to boast the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in many ways. The picture demonstrates our two days activities at two different zones in Yaoundé one at the Djoungolo social centre with the other at la maison de l'espérance Yaoundé our aim was to sensitized the population on the dangers of covid-19 recalling the hygienic rules like taking a bath properly , washing of hands after the toilet thus protecting ourselves for a healthy society. Orgarnized under theme "ENGAGING VULNERABLE YOUNG PEOPLE IN FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19" on the Wednesday the 24 and Friday 26 August 2022 this was to show the great importance of these youths despite their vulnerability in our society their ages were in between 12-23 . We had to distribute the liquid soap and flyers in the mfoundi market with those from the Djoungolo social center and the Atangabala market's with those from the "Foyer de l'espérance" Yaoundé on Wednesday and Friday respectively we distributed for close to an hour then went back to our point of departure The campaign was excellent though with some challenges. All in all we met at the DofE Award national office Yaounde where madam Epie Nicole the national director made some appraisal with some corrections. The campaign was amazing I said serving as a volunteer for the DofE Award program since 2021 along with Aïcha, William and Blessing