Photo comp: Ahmad Suhail Bin Zulkefli, Malaysia
Ahmad Suhail Bin Zulkefli
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
I would love to choose my Sport Recreational activity which is football as my favourite memory of the award . In this activity , me and my football team qualified to final stage of the football championship for school alumni in all over Malaysia . To be simple , it was national level football championship. Facing the reigning champion , it was really tough game several last minutes of the game. However, with our passion and determination , my team named KISAS FC scored 1-0 at the very last minute before the final whistle blown. I almost cried during celebrating our victory and the goal. From an underdog team , we managed to beat the reigning champion although it really hard to beat them I am very proud with me and my team and I managed to have an amazing record in my journey in completing Gold Standard Duke Of Edinburgh International Award
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
I still remembered the time when I first started the Silver Award . There are a lot of youth including my friends joined and achieved the award . I thought to myself, maybe we can continue and achieve the Gold Award together too . It was not impossible , that was my thought during the time As time goes by, I can see a lot of those Silver Award holders including my friends did not continue the journey to Gold Award , made me feel alone because my close circle were not together with me . I even thought to just quit my Golf Award journey because they were not here to support me Luckily , as I just started Gold Award , I made new friends who are also committing to achieve Gold Award and we felt the enjoyment and hardships together especially during Adventurous Journey and a Gold Residential Project . These experiences made my mind to just enjoy the journey because I believe the experiences that I am doing right now matters a lot and I would love to expand my networking with others
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
Yes I am still continuing my award activities such as in voluntary service , I am still a member of a youth non government organization which creates DOFE participants and leaders every year For example , my state , Selangor was hit by flood causing a lot of people especially in rural areas lost their homes in December 2021 . I managed to joint venture with other non government organization and created a team of volunteer between my organization and the other organization . Our team consisted of 30 youths from 13 - 30 years old from different religion and races yet we managed to work as a team Our activity mainly focused on helping those people affected by flood to clean their homes and appliances , donate basic needs such as food and give consult to them for them to stay motivated and become resilience
Tell us the story behind your photo:
For more than 1 year full of joy and sweat , this is the moment when I was nominated as Gold Standard for Duke Of Edinburgh International Award or Anugerah Remaja Perdana Rakan Muda Tahap Emas named in Malaysia. Indeed for me , this award is not only about the prestigious and recognition of the award itself yet the bittersweet experiences that I took along the journey in order to be awarded for this international award. Getting out from my comfort zone such as donate foods to the poor or become volunteers to humanitarian projects really shaped me to become a better youth for the betterment of our youth generation in the future. This picture alone can not describe my entire experience when I choose to stay in the course and but this picture proves that I am able to challenged myself to get out from my comfort zone
Award Role: