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Czech Republic
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For my residential project, I chose something that I had wanted to do for a very long time, but I didn't have the courage. I set out alone on a one-month pilgrimage through Spain. I left for the town of Irun - on the border between France and Spain. I walked the entire north coast and after 29 days I stood in a famous place in front of the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. It was an incredible month, full of occasional fear, helplessness, but also adventure, friends and unforgettable experiences. I can honestly say that it was (so far) the best month of my life. On my 20-year life journey, I encountered a lot of ailments that pretty much trampled my self-confidence. And that's exactly what I managed to get a little bit of in Spain. For the first time in my life, I was proud of myself - alone, walked a thousand kilometers in a month, and in a place where she is completely unfamiliar. And it's not even about the number - a little sure. I'm very performance-oriented, but about the fact that I managed it myself, that I believed in myself. Along the way I met a lot of wonderful people, I became very good friends with a girl from Austria, she is like my older sister now. On her birthday, when we walked on Camino, we even surfed! I experienced countless wonderful moments that I will remember until the day I die.
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