Photo comp: Alexandra, Australia
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In 2019, my first ever adventurous journey was spent in the freezing cold forest of Spring Brooke National Park. On our first day of the hike you could say that I wasn't exactly looking where I was going. I kept tripping over rocks and branches and falling on top of the people in front of me. It got the point where I tripped so much one of the other girls in my group had to hold on to my oversized back-pack for support. As we were going down a long narrow path I felt my eyes gazing up at the sky, and completely losing track of where my feet were. I remember feeling my ankles giving into a large brach sprawled across the floor and tilting forward. Gravity felt like it was kicking in harder than ever as I started to tilt to the side. I watched my friends faces contort in horror as I fell off the side of the cliff. Luckily my hand managed to grip onto a snug Little Rock. My support buddy - whose only job was to ensure I didn't fall off the cliff had failed. She gripped my hand and pulled me up, and I sat on the ground trying to comprehend a near death experience. Mrs Wilson, the supervisor gathered everyone and took a photo, straight after that event. You can see on my face (the one in the beanie) just how baffled I was.
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