Photo comp: Amanda Grace Furtado, Netherlands
Amanda Grace Furtado
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
During my first Bronze journey, and first ever such hiking trip, we took a break for lunch at the top of a small hill. Partly to hide from the drizzle of rain. It turned out to be a cosy canopy of pine trees. The trees sheltered us enough so we laid down our raincoats and sat on them as mats while we ate. We hung up the other coats on the trees and rested our bags against them. Since it was the first day, we still had enough energy to play a few games. We played tag and hide and seek. It was a great start that led to my long participation in the award.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
During our Practice Journey for Gold, which we had to plan during April while the temperatures were still quite cold. It rained all three days of our journey and the terrain turned out to be much harder than we had planned. So on our second night we found ourselves just short of our campsite but we were forced to camp in the wild as it was dark and hill we had to get around to reach the campsite was quite steep. We had to climb the surrounding hills using rope that was tied to trees, this was quite challenging and we decided that it would be too dangerous to attempt in the dark. That night was terrible as we all slept on sticks and plants and the temperature fell below zero. In the morning we woke up to the dew on the zips of our tents being frozen and mist condensing as it came out of our mouths. It was so cold that it made it so challenging to prepare breakfast and pack up. After getting in some warm noodles and soup we were ready to go.
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
I am still near the end of my Gold Award, so those activities are of course ongoing. I intend to continue them after I finish the Award too. In fact, I used to do all of them before I started the Award. The Award helped me to grow in them and it will continue to be a part of my routine.
Tell us the story behind your photo:
We arrived at our campsite quite tired but our spirits were rejuvenated after seeing our chance for a campfire. After setting up tents and eating dinner, we each started collecting sticks and dry leaves to start a fire. One of our team members is an expert at starting fires so she made the magic happen. We all sat around the fire. It kept the flies away and warmed us up. We took out some of the biscuits and snacks we had carried and shared them with each other.
Award Role: