Photo comp: Amelie Teferle, Luxembourg
Amelie Teferle
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
I have many fantastic memories especially during the hikes. My favourite one however is not of the activities as such but of the award ceremony. I was asked to dance once and speak another time. Each time I remember making people laugh and smile. Either with my ballet piece to Queen or my odd stories about the award. Both times I was very nervous and both times I ended up feeling like I was part of a warm bunch of people, that understood me without judgment or malice. I showed them my joy and love for the award and they showed me theirs. It was in those moments I realised what all my work towards the award, so towards life, added up to. I felt accepted and appreciated but also extremely proud.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
Organising the residential project and the hike amidst a pandemic we really frustrating and disheartening moments. My residential got cancelled and i only managed it a year later. The hike too seemed like it was just never going to be. We cancelled it and gave up trying for a bit. When the summer holidays started and covid rules loosened, we pulled ourselves together and managed to get it all sorted one afternoon for the following week. This included phone calls to campsites, which I am proud to have managed as I really struggled with anxiety. So that was a small victory for me. Then the hike happened during a heatwave and we had to adapt once again. This ability to be flexible and to navigate around obstacles was needed in all activities of the award. Gaining this transferable skill was really a big challenge at all levels and we were really tested as a group during our gold expedition.
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
My favourite activity was classical ballet, which I started long before and will continue long after ever having started the award. This discipline is really a big part of my everyday life and the award made me put down concrete goals and really reflect on my enjoyment of Dance.
Tell us the story behind your photo:
During the heatwave (37 plus for a week) in Luxembourg August 2020 we ended up doing our hike. We were so exhausted by the heat on the first day that we decided to get up earlier the following days and start hiking at 4am to avoid the heat. This picture was taken on the last day of our hike when we reached the top of a two hour long uphill stretch. The fields at 6am were ones of such serenity we decided to stop and take a picture. Resting the the camera against a bottle, we managed to capture the moment with everyone in the picture. It was a team achievement and this picture sums up the whole experience of the DoE's award. Teamwork and perseverance.As of such everyone in the group has agreed to this picture being sent in. We were so geekily happy with when originally taken.
Award Role: