Photo comp: Amity, Australia
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This photo is a part of a video taken on the last night of my group's Gold Award Adventurous Journey. Being near complete strangers at the start of the camp, we spent 6 days together canoeing down the Glenelg River. Over the course of that time we grew together as a group to become closer than anyone could have ever imagined - sharing victories, tears and plenty of shenanigans! The last night of our trip was bittersweet. Everyone was devastated to be leaving after having such an amazing week together. As we cleaned our trangias and folded our tents for the final time, the river seemed to provide us with a parting gift of the most spectacular sunset. Watching this, we were joined by a curious horse from a nearby paddock. A few of my group members and I had gone to say hello to the horse when I was called away by someone else. As I was running over, the horse decided to join in to what evolved to be an 'interspecies race' between horse and human. Running into the sunset, it was one of those picturesque moments that stay with you forever, and will be one of my fondest memories of Duke of Edinburgh's International Award..
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