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The photo was taken while I was driving our robot when we held the final matches of the last tournament of VEX ROBOTICS COMPETITION TURKEY. As for the story of the photo, we were progressing by winning all the matches in the tournament, everything was as it should have been. While we were going to the last final matches, one of the robot's engines broke down. According to the tournament rules, you must be on the field in a maximum of 5 minutes after the match time comes. If you are not on the field, you will be disqualified. When the engine broke down, it took an average of 15 to 20 minutes to replace it with a new engine, but we had 5 minutes. As a whole team, we put everything in our hands to install a new engine and within 5 minutes we changed the engine and arrived on the field. We won the Turkish championship by winning the last match of the last tournament with our changed engine.
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