Photo comp: Charlotte, New Zealand
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New Zealand
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I started my Award journey in 2021 at my new school. I have wanted to do the Award every since I saw year 13 receiving their Gold Awards at my old schools prizegiving. I wanted to get my Gold Award ever since then. I have always loved helping others ever since I was little so this didn't come as a challenge through the Award. I also loved sport with my friends and competing games (of netball). The challenging piece of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award that allowed me to meet new people and get out of my comfort zone was the skill activity. But the Award helped me find my love for gardening and that's how I found my passion for growing seedlings in my greenhouse for my family. This also lead me to donating winter veggies as service. But my favourite part of the Award by far is the camping. I love being outside with my friends, problem solving and figuring out problems so this is my element. The camps were out of this world and where I made some of my very best friends. I loved every minute to setting up my tent to cooking my own dinner. I am now a camp away from finishing my Silver Award and I am excited to receive my Award..
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