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The story behind my picture is about the silver award activities on the 2nd day of the journey at some lot District. As I remembered this picture of the first day when there was heavy rain until the morning, as a result, Some roads were unable to continue. The mountain road is sticky soil without any bubbles with maybe obstacles there is also uphill downhill which makes us even harder to continue. we have used a lot of strength to ride the bike while lifting heavy baggage. After that, We start to lose our strength. On the other hand, the road is difficult to cross because the road is all muddy after rain. Our team had to spend over half an hour removing the mud from our bikes to continue the road. Meanwhile, some of our members fell and other members tried their best to help and carry the bike out of the mud. More than that most of our members fell ill especially myself because I had a physical illness which makes me easily exhausted the longer I ride under the rain the harder it was for me to breathe, but we still tried our best to continue. We helped each other throughout the ride and we laughed together even though we tried it is full of warmth from the team members.
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