Photo comp: Disha, Australia
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Wilson's Promontory. We had been walking for an hour, and the walk was getting steeper and steeper. Our whole group had lapsed into silence, our bodies only able to focus on the task of walking, too exhausted to do anything else. Everyone was in a foul mood, waiting for this torture to end. But then, we reached the top of the mountain. There was a collective gasp, as we gazed down on the view. We were gazing down on the most beautiful scene, a whole 360 of Wilsons Promontory. There was a sprawling beach and lapping waves on the side, and tall craggy mountains on the other. Everywhere around us, there was natural beauty, a wild lush forest, and a crisp breeze caressing our cheeks. In that moment, everything was worth it. Our aching legs, the blisters on our feet, and our muddy clothes did not matter. Because in the end, we had gotten this once in a lifetime view. That day, I learnt a valuable lesson. The harder you work, the better the reward. Whenever I feel unmotivated, or want to give up, I always reminisce on that hike, and feel inspired.
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