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The last stretch before the peak was the hardest for me. After hiking from 1 am to now what was nearly 7 am I could see the 3rd highest peak o Mount Kenya, Point Lenana. It became so hard to move forward and I had never felt a greater urge to give up, after all, I had made it far enough, right?That's when I looked at my hiking buddy, someone I had never talked to before this trip and had formed a bond with now based on the collective challenge of the climb. He was moving in steps so small that it take about 3 of them to cover a distance of a foot, and I was filled with a determination to continue moving forward because any movement was better than none, and as we Penguin waddled up the stretch my body adjusted to the cold, altitude, exhaustion and I was able to pick up my pace to a point where I could then pass all the people ahead of me and make it to the peak as the 2nd person as part of our group of 10 who were the first on the peak. The rush of being at the top was so exhilarating the feeling that makes you believe you can do anything and overcome any challenge. I was so proud of my tenacity and motivation throughout and was so happy to have left the hardest part behind me. Though the trek down still proved a challenge (so much so that when we stopped for a break my body promptly shut down for a nap overcome by the warm morning sun). I found that hiking is a true testament to the challenges of life as you struggle and move forward the more you feel like giving up, and even when you succeed there are still more challenges ahead. (Pictured in blue)
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