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I spent a week at Scout Camp being an assistant leader. I met a lot of children and other leaders there. It took me a while to learn all their names. During the day, we'd arrange games and trainings for the Cubs we were looking after to learn new things. At night, all the leaders and assistant leaders gathered together, we cooked sausages and halloumi, played card games, and shared stories of past camps, funny things that happened in our lives, anything at all. It was like I had found a new family. This specific photo was taken one night after lights out, when they should have been asleep. The leaders were all together, eating and having a quiet party, I looked over at the tents to make sure no one was awake. I saw their heads stuck out and went over, only to find then sharing packs of crisps and juices. At nearly 12 am. I couldn't help but laugh.
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