Photo comp: Ermias, Zambia
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Unfortunately I hold the most infamous DoE story that has ever been told at my school. During our first day of our expedition we travelled through marsh into a secluded area of the estate we were on and came across some low hanging crates of some sorts that were hooked to a tree. They were red in colour and had resembled a water basin used for horses. Our expedition guide knew we were lost but as he should, he remained quiet for the time. I decided to corral my team and investigate these basins as I thought if they contained water we could refill. As we approached, our guide got curious to the contents of the crate, my teammates let me take the first look inside but for some reason I thought it would be smart to violently shake the crate in order to hear the gushes of water, right as our guide peeped in I was already in full swinging motion of the crate, no water came out as the crate actually turned out to *bee* Beehives, a swarm of Bees emerged from the crates and rightfully so attacked us like crazy. In the photo you can see me (left) vigorously applying bite cream into my ear as a bee got trapped their and went to work on my ears. Our guide can *bee* seen questioning my stupidity all while trying to tend to his bites, luckily my team was far away but as for me and my guide, we weren't so lucky. After the expedition we had our Award ceremony at school and I was given a Bee award in honour of my ignorant curiosity along with a sting kit and roll of tissue as my prize. I took it like a champ and made a memory I will never be forgetting and I'm sure the guide will not be forgetting too. The time as DofE Award participant nearly ended his life with a swarm of Bees.
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