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I remember during the Gold residential, the project was to build another class for the Embolioi school we started in Kajiado county. The conditions at Embolioi are harsh. I recall before we travelled, I told a friend that we should carry some tree seedlings to plant around the school. I thought that the little water the kids would use probably to wash their hands, would pour onto the seedlings to maintain them. On arrival I realised that they didn't even have drinking water. The people at Mashuuru have to walk a very long distance to fetch water. My other observation was that every plant including the grass was dry and thorny. A spike on my skin would leave me screaming in pain. To Embolioi kids, it was the least of their worries. They would comfortably hold the thorny plants with no reaction. My biggest challenge was knowing the kids need a lot, but not being in a position to offer them. Building the classroom to completion under the scorching sun, going miles to fetch building water, digging the ground for the classroom better foundation, fighting the flu due to dust, and patching the roof. This was the other challenges I faced. In Mashuuru, I achieved new skills, perseverance, selflessness, teamwork, and construction skills. Through the Award programme, I have learnt that we are one nation blessed with diversity, that transcend religion, race or creed.
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Award Leader