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Mud ... Gumboots....Probably not the best combination but the two combined with other elements which include a happy lot of participants, the scorching sun, the unbearable cold make each and every expedition memorable. My first time to go to Machakos had a mixed kind of feeling since I wasn't sure what to expect. The area is known for scarcity of water but I am happy we managed. Having hiked about 88km for our Gold pushed us to the limits and even beyond our capabilities. Seeing a huge hill in front of me and being told that we are going to conquer that in a few hours wasn't the better part of the deal. Some moments I felt that I have reached my end but the sight at the end of the hardest climb is worth it, so I came to believe. Once at the top, none.of us wanted to go back down. But that was the best part of it all. We slid, we fell, we got hurt but laughed about it. Personally I learnt to trust my fellow Award participants in order for.teamwork to prevail. We learnt to share the little that we had be it water, food, jokes to make the group moving and stuff. Putting my head down every night knowing that I have achieved more than I could ever imagined was and is still fulfilling. Going to new places, meeting up with different schools and knowing that my unit gave it there all pushed me even harder to continue loving the award for giving us such an opportunity. At least we afforded to smile at the end of it all.
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