Photo comp: Georgia Haskell, New Zealand
Georgia Haskell
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
Going on my kayack in for my silver award. The views were amazing and the weather was so good. The water was see through so I could see the bottom and we went through some rapids. We also roasted some marshmallows which were yummy and we went on a walk at night where we set up camp and went kiwi bird watching. We saw a kiwi and it was the coolest experience ever seeing one in real life.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
The biggest challenge I am gonna have from doing this award is going on my gold tramp. I would have never been on a tramp this long, or in this Lake Waikaramoana area. I am quite nervous about it and being away from home this long but I will enjoy the views and the cooking as well as the overall experience and meeting new people.
New Zealand
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
From this row, I have absolutely loved rowing and have continued it ever since. I am really glad that I did Duke of Ed so that I opened my mind to do another sport to help me get my physical activity. But it also helped me find something that I have loved to do.
Tell us the story behind your photo:
For my bronze award, I needed to start doing physical activity as my netball season was ending. I couldn't start a new sport because it was halfway through the year so I wasn't able to start anything. But then the rowers came into one of my assemblies and did a speech and showed the Diocesan rowing recruitment video, and I thought to myself that it could be a pretty cool sport to use for Duke of Ed physical activity. The photo attached is the first rowing boat that I was ever in with some older girls. I am in the bow seat, so towards the back of the boat. I loved this row and it made me fall in love with rowing.
Award Role: