Photo comp: Georgina Hawkins-McCarthy, Australia
Georgina Hawkins-McCarthy
Award Level:
Favourite memory of the Award:
My favourite memory was during the trip in the photo. It has to be the sand dunes again because they were just spectacular and I specifically remember we were watching the rain clouds come closer and closer to us in the sky, then almost seconds later when we are walking over to investigate the other areas of the sand dunes and we see rain just pour down about 100m away - so beautiful by the way - and the next second we are drenched from head to toe. But honestly that was probably one of my more favourite moments ever - so much fun.
Biggest challenge from doing the Award:
Having to go without showering for 3 days - I am a person who enjoys being clean more than dirty so this was hard - but the fun of the time away definitely outweighed this challenge. But as soon as I get home every time after an adventurous journey I have a long shower.
Have you continued any of your Award activities? If so, what:
I am constantly involved in my community service aspect as the workshops run by beautiful minds that I am involved in bring me so much joy in volunteering to help the beautiful pre-teen girls through the amazing mental health workshops that this company provides for them.
Tell us the story behind your photo:
For our Silver practice journey, we went to Noosa River where our main activity was canoeing however on the 2nd day we went on a hike up to the Noosa Sand Dunes which was incredible. It was a step away from the chaotic journey we had endured during that trip. First, a canoe was dropped into the water and drifted out into the middle of the river and caused two students to jump into the river and swim after it. Then they had to go on the hike up to the sand dunes soaking wet - which was not fun for them. Then after we returned to the canoes from the sand dunes our award leader was bending over the canoe to put bags in and her phone fell out of her pocket into the river and sunk to the bottom. All hope was lost then but 2 students jumped in and continued to search until about 15 mins later they found it in the pitch black water. Some how the phone was still working after as well because it is a relatively new one. This was the most fun trip ever, but lets just say I am glad it was not my phone that fell in the water :)
Award Role: