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South Africa
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The photo was taken in 2011, when I was in grade 11 (I was 17 years old). This photo was taken at my residential project, which was a charity collaboration project with a team from the Netherlands, as well as other Presidents Awards candidates from other parts of South Africa. The project involved refurbishing a school, where we replaced windows, painted the inside and outside of the school buildings, as well as completely overhaul their library. We spent about 4 days doing this project, from the morning to the evening, with about 50 participants working towards this common goal. On the 5th day, we were all treated to a drive through Kruger National Park game reserve. It was tons of fun working in a team of participants from many different backgrounds, learning about different cultures, as well as knowing that we were helping to improve a school building. During this project I made friendships which have lasted to this day. It felt great to have worked towards making the world a better place, in however a small way.
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