Photo comp: Mrinaal, Nepal
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In 2015, Nepal went through a devastating earthquake. Which left our country stranded and baffled. People had to grow through a lot, as a poor nation they had to grow through an economic problem, health and other aspects. People in Nepal had no option than fighting . About 9,000 people were killed, many thousands more were injured, and more than 600,000 structures in Kathmandu and other nearby towns were either damaged or destroyed. Partnerships and many other multinational companies had left the partnership with Nepal. After this phenomenon, houses and infrastructure were still not made because of the bad governance of Nepal. All people could do was unite and be strong so what I am trying to show, the story behind this photo is that how people are being united and is helping each other to rise once again. The woods that are holding the houses indicates the hands of people who are saving their own life and country only by a thin margin. So, I thought to click this photo by indicating its value and importance. This picture has got a lot of meaning and painful stories behind it. This is how I named this photo "We will rise again".
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