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I started my sports career at a very young age. For me, sports has always been something that gives me joy and happiness. For some it’s a sense of happiness and an activity but for me sports has always been a different kind of topic or a subject. Whatever, I do whatever I play, I play it by heart. I am always eager to learn if it is about sports. I play different kinds of sports like football, swimming, basketball, cricket. I love to play physical games mostly. When u want to reach at a higher level it is always difficult. You win some and you lose some. I always dream about playing at higher stage which I am never going to stop dreaming about. Which this what motivates me. I am always motivating because there are many different people who are ahead of me. Growing in a country like Nepal, it is always difficult to pursue sports career as a hobby or a passion. There would lot of barriers to achieve what you want. But because of my parents and family that I have I have never felt that. My dad and mom they both motivate me to participate at things that I don’t know. They rather want me to explore who am I. They are creating different opportunities for me so that there won’t be any difficulties for me. The Award has provided me that platform to showcase my skills and talent. I am pursuing my sports career as well as education right now. Because of the Award I got the opportunity to learn different skills. I took triathlon in my physical activity. While doing this award I trained vigorously in cold, rainy season etc. It was a really tough and a roller coaster ride. While doing the Award, I had trained a lot and had reached a certain level. I got to play the 9th national game where I had represented my province. It was one of the biggest game I had ever played and I am proud to say that the Award had helped to achieve so in a certain way. This was my best memory. My coach and my parents are the ones who I am never stop admiring. All I want to say to young people or anyone who has a dream to achieve is that “never stop dreaming and just go and try what you like to do, eventually you will find something you are good at.” Sports is always about patience and dedication.
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