Photo comp: Nelia, South Africa
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South Africa
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"I don't like old people, I would much rather choose to work with kids before working with old people" that was my view for many many years. One day my mom suggested that doing community service at a local old age home once a week would look good on my application next year. So, with a very heavy heart. And I mean heavy, I agreed but only because I want to go to university. I started going but I had a terrible mindset. I didn't necessarily enjoy my time there and I only focused on the negative until one community service Thursday I realized that I love going to all my oumas (granparents). It was like having 20 grandparents. I realized that now I don't know if I would choose children above aged individuals. Internally something changed and I was excited to go. During school holidays I would miss my oumas and find a way to get to them. These oumas changed my life from disliking older people to hoping to stay just 5 extra minutes. They truly went from strangers to all being MY oumas.
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