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This was the best inversion I had done so far. My coach said I had to be able to do a full catcher's sequence in order to move up to Level 2-3 on the Tissu, so this became my new goal. Unfortunately, on my last Basics class which determined who could move onto Level 2-3, I kept slipping out of my catcher's and sliding down. It was my worst lesson to date. My coach told me it was a bad day for me but still allowed me to move up. I was so frustrated with myself that I cried on the way home. I practiced and practiced lots of conditioning at home after that. This picture is from my second Level 2-3 class, where I managed to do the full catcher's sequence from a climb without falling out of any position, something I've never done before. I knew aerial silks were my thing since my first class but looking at this picture was the first time I thought, 'Wow, I look like a real aerialist.'
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