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It was during one of the Adventurous Journeys when I was a Volunteer Assessor. I love the outdoors. I also love to give back to the society through the Award programme. These particular participants were not very strong mentally and they kept saying they were tired. I encouraged them time and again to keep going with the goal in mind. In the early afternoon, we climbed to the top of a rock. I have phobia of heights. Standing on this high point on what looked like a cliff was one of the hardest things I have had to do. As I sat and my heart beat loudly in my chest with lots of imaginations re-playing in my mind; my own words of encouragement sounded in my ears. It was as if to ask, how do I encourage others and not feel encouraged myself? How do I cultivate bravery if I am so scared? So I took up the challenge by one of the Volunteers and tried the jump as he took a picture. The sight was breath taking. The landscape and all the detail was fascinating. I was able to face my fear. This has since become one of my favourite Award photos.s.
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