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I am Sidney Odotei Charway from Ghana. I find myself as a useful tool to change the lives of young people in my community and my nation Ghana as a whole. A feasibility study in my community made me discover the problems confronting my community. These included lack of portable drinking water, lack of school buildings, high rate of unemployment among the youth and low rate of education for children due to poverty. These problems moved me to help some of these young people to discover their talents, develop employable skills and achieve their full potential. It further inspired me to set up a youth organization called Alpha Promotion. This is an exciting youth development scheme that aims at promoting education, creative Art and Culture. Some of our projects included Homework Project and Social Network - a network of young managers, emerging leaders and young professionals to inspire and foster education among the youth in La.We also embarked on a vacation teaching project with the objective of achieving goal two of the UN Millennium development goals namely “Achieve universal primary education” and goal (6) which aims at “Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. In the year 2007, 42 young people from different senior high schools across the country came together to put a smile on the face of little children in a rural community in the central region of Ghana. Learned to give back to their community in their pursuit to be helped by others. I will forever remember the impact the project had on these young people who were transiting from adolescence to adulthood. My skills include team work and administrative skills, IT skills in MS office, information and communication technology and management skills. Am an excellent training facilitator, event/ project manager and a good supervisor. My pathways of organizational development include; developing partnership with other organization, raising the profile of an organization, extend the reach of an organization or products, strengthen the structures of the organization, assuring the quality of delivery of products and services as well as raising support and funding for the organization. They have always proved useful to me.I am a proactive and dynamic person with extensive experience, confidence, focused and ambitious to contribute efficiently towards work. Am an organizer who prioritizes, allocates and co-ordinates both human and material resources to the best effect. A strong and good communicator who uses initiatives and establishes stable relationship at all levels. An excellent team player, who develops, delivers, educates and promotes products with minimum or no supervision.
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