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United Arab Emirates
Tell us the story behind your photo:
So one of my skills was photography and initially starting this Award, I had no idea how to operate a camera. This did not stop me as I learnt how to use one with the help of watching tutorials. I practiced taking pictures at home of everyday objects and started exploring new environments to capture new stories. This was my biggest achievement yet. Today I went to the Northern Areas of Pakistan to photograph the beautiful mountains during sunrise. This was a difficult task as it meant I had to start my journey at 4 am in the morning from Islamabad to a village on top of the mountains in the Northern Region of Pakistan called Nathia Gali. There, along with my guide, I asked some locals if they would allow me to take pictures from their homes to capture the breath taking sunrise. This award inspired me to tell more new stories with my camera lens and has allowed me to explore different ways to photograph nature and people. Now because of this skill I am mastering thanks to the Award, I have been given the opportunity to work as a school photographer and as an independent photographer publishing my pictures for the world to see my perspective from my lens.
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