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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Shanghai, China my Duke of Edinburgh service has actually been closed down for the time being. Essentially it was biking weekly with autistic children for the Blue Ribbon Star Association and forming bonds with the disabled--yet learning they aren't even that different from us! However, we cannot meet with the kids since it's not exactly safe to bike with so many people yet. So I decided to bring along some friends and bike the original route extended by a few KM to test my endurance since it's really been a while since I've gone out biking since the lockdown. The photo here shows the sunset, and we were taking a water break (I'm the kid on the red bike). I am currently going out biking in preparation for the actual event to start so I can keep pace with the kids and make sure I don't tire out and have the strength to converse with them during the ride.
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