Photo comp: yağmur, Kenya
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It was a competition of archery, I participated. The day arrived, right after I ate my breakfast, I went to the competition area. I was not a professional or anything I was just a beginner. So I was not really trusting my self. I was ready to lose, not to win. The speakers opened and the man called our name, called my name. I went out with my arrows and bow, my hand was shaking like a lot. I tired to relax ,other people looked stressed too. I still remember their faces. One, two, three, and we started shooting. My aim was not bad at shooting but I guess she was stressed, before the competition. I had no trust in my self but eventually I won! Got a gold medal, I thought I was dreaming or something. I actually felt the way God helped me. I got my Gold Award, I stared at it for few minutes and said sorry to myself for being so unfair and hopeless so here, who ever is reading this story, everything is possible, impossible just takes longer...
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