Meet the young people taking over The British Royal Family's Instagram account for #InternationalYouthDay

BBC News interview five Award participants from around the world


Jordan Jans, from Indonesia is 14, and a Bronze Award participant. He is a keen actor and videographer, often posting films on both his personal and the school Instagram account. As one of the schools’ Instagram administrators, he regularly posts updates and progress on the Award programme.

Jordan from indonesia

Metta Latisa, from Indonesia, is 15 and a Bronze Award participant. She is a keen swimmer and violinist, both of which she is pursuing as part of her Award. Meta is very active on social media – she is currently the school’s Instagram administrator (with Jordan) which she uses to promote the Award to all students. She also loves making story boards.

Metta from Indonesia


Rochelle Prasad, from Canada, is 21 and a Gold Award participant. She is currently attending Simon Fraser University pursuing a Teaching and Political Science degree.  Rochelle also co – founded SPARK foundation, which strives to empower the next generation of young people through in person and online life education, including workshops, camps and community programmes.

Rochelle Prasad from Canada

Czech Republic

Tereza, from the Czech Republic, is 23 and a Bronze Award participant. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and currently studies Social Policy for her master’s degree. In the future, she would like to help children, ideally through a combination of psychology and social work. In her free time, she likes to draw, read, listen to music, educate herself with the help of educational videos on the Internet and playing computer games to relax. She loves the colour green, spring, raspberries and sleeping!

Tereza from the Czech Republic


Gregory, from Kenya is 21 years old and a Gold Award participant. He is a 3rd year student at Egerton University pursuing a degree in Agribusiness Management.   When not attending his classes, Gregory spends time doing his favourite activities:  swimming, a sport he is good at, and studying Chinese language and culture.

Gregory from Kenya