15-year-old Navithmi is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. When one of her mother's friends who is an Award leader, mentioned the Award to her mother, she decided she'd be interested in giving it a go. After reading some more about the Award and talking to her mother's friend, she decided start her Bronze Award.

What do you like about the Award?

I like the flexibility the Award provides in choosing your own goals, and being able to tailor it to suit my life and interests. I also like being able to make new friends and meet more people through the Award.

Have you had to adapt your Award activities as a result of COVID-19? If so, how? Has anything remained the same?

While I was able to finish my Skills and Voluntary Service before the pandemic, I was unable to finish my Physical Recreation section. As I am unable to visit the sport centre where my class is held, I am instead swimming in the pool that we have in our house. I also engage in aerobic exercise to improve my cardiovascular endurance, which is essential in swimming.

Have you found any interesting solutions to help you continue with your Award during COVID-19?

Despite technically finishing some parts of the Award, I still like to continue working on the other sections of the Award and my wider interests. I have started cross stitching recently as an attempt to start a new skill and I have created a playlist of YouTube videos covering strength training, aerobic exercise and yoga, which I do for an hour a day as part of my physical fitness.

Sri Lanka Navithmi A. Bandara

Do you think being involved with the Award helps you and your community at this time? If so, how?

Yes. Personally, I feel that the Award has given me the focus necessary during this time to help others in my family and community. It has helped me and countless others feel compassionate and resilient during the pandemic.

Do you have any other comments or ideas you would like to share?

I believe that the time spent in quarantine is a marvellous opportunity for people like me to reflect on how we can give back to the environment and lead healthier, better lives. I personally have created a family environment policy and health policy, aimed at starting a global change within the family unit itself. I hope that other youth leaders too will be interested in taking this small action for a better tomorrow.

Sri Lankan Award participants