Trainer Skills Pathway

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation supports the development of presentation/training skills for adults in the Award from National Award Operators and Operating Partners. By providing support for qualified and capable trainers, we enable all adults in the Award to deliver a consistent and quality experience to their participants.

The Trainer Development Path provides delegates with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to deliver quality training in the Award context. Our focus is on developing skills to train in the virtual environment, but many of the techniques can be easily adapted for in-person training.

Our full Trainer Development Path includes two courses and a mentorship and co-teaching experience.

Trainer Fundamentals Course

This online course is delivered on the Award Community and is available to all adults in the Award. The course provides an introduction to adult learning theory, learning styles, and multiple intelligences.

Course Pre-requisite – Level One – Delivering the Award

Trainer Skills Course – Full Course

The Trainer Skills Course is a three-session virtual instructor-led training (VILT) course. These sessions prepare prospective trainers by providing practical application of the theories learned in the Trainer Fundamentals Course, offering practice training opportunities in a safe and development-focused environment, and providing learning activities and templates for use by operators. We highly recommend this course to all those who wish to train for their NAO. All Global Training Panel members must complete this course.

Course Pre-requisite – All delegates must have completed the Trainer Fundamentals course (available on the Award Community) before registering for a full course, and all delegates must have the approval of their operator/the Foundation before their registration will be confirmed.

Trainer Mentorship and Co-Teaching

Delegates who are invited to train for the Foundation must take part in a mentorship and co-teaching experience. Potential trainers are paired with an experienced Foundation trainer to participate in two mentored co-teaching experiences.


Updates for Existing Trainers

There have been many updates to training best practice and to the Award itself over the past few years. As such, we are asking all existing trainers to attend an Update Clinic to make sure that they have the most current information. All Global Training Panel members must attend an update to remain active. The update is one three-hour session.

Course Pre-requisite – All delegates must have completed a full Trainer Skills Course (also known as Award Trainer Skills or Train the Trainer) prior to May 2023.

To register for both the Update Clinic and full Trainer Skills course please email [email protected] or email your Operations Manager.