Funding Adults in the Award

The Foundation is committed to making the Award available to 1% of the youth population in the next five years: 7.9m young people. This represents 600% growth on current participation numbers. The biggest challenge in achieving this is not having sufficient adult volunteers to support more young people to take part in the Award.

We currently have 400,000 adult volunteers across the Association globally. 65,000 of these volunteers are Award Leaders who mentor young people through their Award programme. Each Award Leader supports an average of 20 Award participants. These Award Leaders enlist the help of between four and six additional volunteers who help to run the Award in their respective Award Centres.

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Our Ambition

How does the Foundation plan to achieve this ambition?

To achieve our ambition of making the Award available to 7.9 million young people in the next 5 years, we need to increase our number of adult volunteers to 1.2million, of which 400,000 would be Award Leaders.

This is the scale of our challenge.

We, at the Foundation, are investing in a Supporting Adults in the Award project which focuses on increasing the number of adults in all areas of the Award. Reaching this many adults to support Award participants demands a huge amount of infrastructure.

For the very first time, we are combining executive education scholarships, improved operational processes, scalable training programmes for volunteers and a new technology information and training platform for volunteers to scale at a pace like never before. Having completed pilots in Oman, Spain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai and Ethiopia we have trained 250 Award Leaders who will support 5,000 young people through their Award.

We need to raise £3million over the next five years to achieve our adult volunteer targets. To find out more about how you can support this project to ensure it is a success, please do get in touch with the Philanthropy Team at [email protected].

Based on our 2018 research, out of our 180,000+ incredible adult volunteers who gave their time to work with the Award, 66% now feel part of their community and 86% will continue to volunteer in the future. Will you join them?