Training for IACs

COVID-19 is now affecting every country in the world. The Foundation has been actively monitoring the situation. As you will understand, in light of the continued uncertainty over international travel and public health restrictions, we have taken the decision to replace face-to-face training workshops with virtual instructor-led ones instead. 

The next round of Level 2 workshops will be announced in August.

Workshop fee

The fee for virtual Level 2 workshops is 200 GBP / 272 USD / 240 EUR


Booking for Level 2 workshops will reopen in August.

Please note, you will need the workshop code, your Level 1 completion details and the names/email addresses of any delegates you are booking for.

  • Spaces on each workshop are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Early booking is therefore recommended to avoid disappointment.
  • 100% attendance is required on all 3 sessions to successfully complete Level 2. Please ensure that all delegates are able to attend all sessions before booking.
  • All delegates must have completed the required Level 1 online courses. You will be asked for a unique identifier on the booking form to confirm this (your completion date/time is available on your course certificate).

Registration is not confirmed until the following requirements have been met:

  • You have submitted a completed Booking Form
  • All delegates on a booking have completed the required Level 1 online courses (available free of charge under the ‘Courses’ section of the Award Community).
  • The course fee is settled. You will be sent a payment link via email within 5 days of submitting your Booking Form.
  • If you have an existing booking on a face-to-face workshop that has been cancelled, you will be able to advise us during your booking and we will transfer the payment to complete your registration.
  • Please note that if your IAC has outstanding invoices on account, your booking will not be processed until these are cleared.

For full details about booking and attending for a virtual workshop, please see the Level Two: Booking and Attendance Guide

Training for Independent Award Centres organised by the Foundation

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation provides a comprehensive training programme for Award teams from licensed Independent Award Centres (IACs), and for external activity providers who work with IACs. The training is a blended learning programme with online and instructor-led components. For training under National Award Operators (NAOs), please speak to the NAO in your country.

Foundation training for IACs is delivered in two phases; Level 1 (online) and Level 2 (online and instructor-led). Level 1 must be completed before enrolling for Level 2. The core Level 1 and Level 2 programme equips successful delegates with the knowledge and skill to act as an:

  • Award Leader
  • Adventurous Journey Supervisor
  • Adventurous Journey Assessor
Please click below to download objectives and outcomes of each course;

Level 1: Award Induction – Objectives and Outcomes

Level 1: Award Delivery Training- Objectives and Outcomes

Level 2: Delivering the Award workshop – Objectives and Outcomes

Level 1

If you are interested in attending our training, please go to The Award Community to complete your Level 1 modules first.

If you are new member, please follow the steps to register. When registering, please select ‘IAC’ as your organisation type only if you are from a licensed Independent Award Centre. If you are acting as an external activity provider (not affiliated with any organisation licensed by the Foundation) please select ‘External Activity Provider’. Click here to register/ login now.

  1. On the Award Community homepage, select the Award Course List.
  2. Complete the following modules:
    ‘Level 1: Award Induction’ (approx. 3 hours)
    ‘Level 1: Award Delivery’ (approx. 1.5 hours)
    Online Record Book (ORB) for Award Leaders (20 mins) (for delegates from IACs only)
    Online Record Book (ORB) for participants (20 mins) (for delegates from IACs only)

Level 1 introduces delegates to the components of the Award, and gives information about the knowledge, skills, behaviours and tools which are useful for delivering the Award. You will receive an e-certificate when you complete knowledge check at the end of each module.

Level 2 delivers more advanced learning to build on the knowledge gained during Level 1. It also provides in-depth guidance on the requirements of the Adventurous Journey section and the requirements of the Gold Award level. You will receive a certificate of completion following attendance on the Level 2: Delivering the Award instructor-led workshop.

Please contact us via [email protected] if you have any queries.