Training for IACs

COVID-19 is now affecting almost every country in the world. The Foundation is actively monitoring the situation and staff are working hard to adjust the way we work to continue to support our licensed organisations, in light of the changing circumstances. We will post updates here if our proposed training dates change as a result of these circumstances. If you require advice and guidance on how to keep running the Award for your participants during COVID-19, please contact your Operations Manager.

Training for Independent Award Centres organised by the Foundation

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation provides a comprehensive training programme for Award teams from licensed Independent Award Centres (IACs), and for external activity providers who work with IACs.

For training under National Award Operators (NAOs), please speak to the NAO in your country or to the relevant Regional office.

Foundation training for IACs is delivered in two phases; Level 1 (online) and Level 2 (online and face-to-face workshop). Level 1 must be completed before enrolling for Level 2. The core Level 1 and Level 2 programme equips successful delegates with the knowledge and skill to act as:

  • Award Leader
  • Adventurous Journey Supervisor
  • Adventurous Journey Assessor

Please click below to download objectives and outcomes of each course;

Level 1: Award Induction- Objectives and Outcomes

Level 1: Award Delivery Training- Objectives and Outcomes

Level 2: Delivering the Award workshop- Objectives and Outcomes

Please see below our training dates and locations. Team members from any IAC may only enrol to attend the training upon completion of both Level 1 modules and as long as there are no overdue invoices outstanding, so please ensure your account is up-to-date.

October 2020

Thu 8 – Fri 9

Madrid, Spain


Thu 29 – Fri 30

Dubai, UAE

November 2020

Fri 13 – Sat 14

Bangkok, Thailand

If you are interested in attending our training, please go to The Award Community to finalise both Level 1 modules.

If you are new member, please follow the steps to register. When registering, please select ‘IAC’ as your organisation type only if you are from a licensed Independent Award Centre.

If you are acting as an external activity provider (not affiliated with any organisation licenced by the Foundation) please select ‘External Activity Provider’. Click here to register/ login now.

1. On the Award Community homepage, select the Award Course List.

2. Complete the following modules:
‘Level 1: Award Induction’ (approx. 3 hours)
‘Level 1: Award Delivery’ (approx. 1.5 hours)
Online Record Book (ORB) for Award Leaders (20 mins) (applicable to delegates from IACs only)
Online Record Book (ORB) for Participants (20 mins) (applicable to delegates from IACs only)

Level 1 introduces delegates to the components of the Award, and gives information about the knowledge, skills, behaviours and tools which are useful for delivering the Award. You will receive an e-certificate when you complete knowledge check at the end of each module.

Once the above is completed, please register on the face to face Level 2 workshop in the place that suits you.

Level 2 delivers more advanced learning to build on the knowledge gained during Level 1. It also provides in-depth guidance on the requirements of the Adventurous Journey section and the requirements of the Gold Award level.

Link to all Level 2 workshops is on The Award Community.

If you are from IAC, please go to our ‘Global Independent Award Centres’ group, where you will find a link to our workshops.

If you are an external activity provider, please go to ‘External Activity Providers’ group, where you will find a link.

Please be advised you need to be registered on the Award Community and logged in to access these groups via the links.

If you are having troubles, please email us at with a short description of the issue you are experiencing.